Food & Beverage

Within our Food and Beverage Division, CP Industries Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions for plant wide cleaning and sanitation. A broad range of federally approved products have been developed, tested and manufactured under tight quality control to meet the needs of a full range of processors.

CP Industries Ltd. is a trusted supplier to such industries as:

  • food processors
  • breweries and beverage facilities
  • egg processors
  • poultry and meat processors
  • agriculture and dairy

Our highly trained service and support technicians work with you to develop an efficient and consistent process of cleaning and sanitation.

We work with your plant management to develop and implement an entire cleaning and sanitation program. We can assist with:

  • creating manuals for cleaning and sanitizing both food and non-food contact points
  • develop defined cleaning frequency guidelines
  • train your employees to use cleaning products and chemicals correctly and safely
  • evaluate your processes through inspection, testing and observation

Automated dispensing systems and advanced detergents, sanitizers, antimicrobial treatment in conjunction with a proper sanitation verification system will provide an environment that is consistently safe and sanitary.

We provide 24 hour service, seven days a week to ensure your facility runs smoothly as well as staying clean.

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